Silent Twins: The Haunting Case Of June And Jennifer Gibbons Who Only Spoke w/ Each Other!

Our creepiest story to date begins all the way back in 1963 with the June and Jennifer Gibbons twins being born in Barbados. Known as the Silent Twins, the creepy duo actually worked on writing fiction novels but hold on tight, this is where it gets interesting. June and Jennifer had only spoken to each other. That’s right, NO ONE from the outside world but only each other…

To this day, their story was highlighted by various sources but not fully revealed. Their local newspaper had a story on the twins but it didn’t get much recognition. Let’s hear how their lives shaped and brought them to crime, mental institutions and the mysterious death of one of the twins…

Known as the Silent Twins, Gibbons devised a secret language which set them apart from friends, family, teachers and classmates. In the end, their relationship brought them to the depths of despair – they loved and loathed each other with equal passion – and eventually proved their downfall: One of them is claimed to have died so that the other could lead a normal life!

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