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Story #1: Outshined by the Outcast.

I have always had a savant-like talent for singing. I’ve always been a musician in general, but singing has been the one thing I have been a downright prodigy at. However, I was a very unpopular and bullied kid at my secondary school back when I was a teenager.

Our school made us pick electives that couldn’t be changed. I picked Music, but turns out, the teacher hated me for some reason. I was very talented, and nice, quiet and well-mannered, but a bullied outcast. She tried to cast me out of the group, always made snide comments and gave me worse grades than what I clearly deserved.

As the years passed, we formed a band extracurriculum out of the most talented musicians of the class. We had a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and two people who alternated between singing and keyboards, one of them being me. And then a girl we will call Jenny joined the group.

Jenny was the most popular girl at school, one of those “preps” who were bullying me in school. I couldn’t stand her, she was every teacher’s pet and was allowed to change her elective from PE to Music just because she got bored of PE, when no one else would have been allowed that.

Jenny couldn’t play any instrument, had no sense of pitch and couldn’t sing a lick. And she just had to force her way into the band, as the lead singer. She’d plague every rehearsal and performance with her singing voice that was so bad it was almost comical, totally convinced that it was good. She was also snappy and bossing everyone around, everyone was clearly tired of her. And of course, she was the teacher’s favorite.

And oh gods, how she was envious of my singing voice. It was blatantly obvious even to me, which is saying something.

At the end of our last year, the teacher signed our band up for a nationwide teenage rock band contest, and we got in! We had to prepare two songs, and somehow I managed to convince the teacher to let us play one rock song. The other one was mainstream pop, something the teacher and Jenny wanted, despite it being a rock contest.

Jenny immedialetly claimed my voice was “too deep” for the pop song that was ironically originally by a male vocalist. She took charge and forced me to play the keyboard for that one, while she hogged the mic for herself and made our other keyboardist her backup singer. But for the rock song, no one could deny that I was the only one with enough power to sing it. Jenny just had to make it a duet, however, clearly intending to make me her backup singer.

Oh, no no no.

At the contest itself, I sang my heart out in the rock song, while Jenny’s weak little voice sounded like she was just MY backup singer! It was already satisfying by itself, but then came time for the judging.

The judging panel was full of really accomplished, popular musicians from our country. Stars, pros, celebrities. Our drummer got good feedback, and the judges praised our guitarist for a wonderful riff she played, and then they turned to me, skipping over Jenny completely, since there was absolutely nothing positive to say.

The judges told me my keyboard playing in the pop song was nice, but they thought my voice was divine and I should have sang both of the songs! They praised my voice for a long time, while I could see both Jenny and the teacher turning red of shame.

We didn’t win the contest, but I felt like a winner!

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Story #2: Friendly Dog Poo Revenge

So I went to walk my dogs
And as I walk out my mom dog always shits first she cannot walk without taking a poo in the grass. So they pee and get crazy they’re mainly running for the grass. Mom dog decides to poo on the edge of someone’s backyard near the grass area (a grass field where everyone in the condos takes their pets for a walk/run and all) And we start walking as usual and when we get the grass area someone yells “excuse me” and I turn back (I should’ve kept walking) I don’t remember what she said but saw her pointing and I said “hang on a second” then the dogs were taking forever and mom dog’s collar came off so I had to put it back on because her collar is big since she’s lost weight and she’s old so I don’t want her to hurt her neck from pulling and all then I said “I’ll get a bag” and walk back to my house and the dogs are taking forever and there’s a dog barking from a house and daughter dog runs up all crazy and I get her leash and we walk into my house I take the dogs in the yard because they weren’t listening like they really weren’t listening so I took them out and decided not to walk them.

Then I go back and I see how there’s trash around the ladies house like wrappers, napkins, and a ticket of some sort. So I go and pick those up first before I pick up the poop she was complaining about and I said outloud “ SO MUCH TRASH AND NOBODY PICKS IT UP. WOW” and then I pick up my dogs poop and walk away lmao

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Story #3: Weak Coffee

So at my office, we have some mediocre Tully’s coffee. It’s already pre-ground in silver packets so whoever empties out the coffee pot, we can just tear open the packet, dump into the filter, and start the machine.

Now next to the coffee making machine are the coffee condiments. Sugar packets, creamer cups, stirrers; that sort of thing. There’s also powdered hot chocolate and honey packets if you want to make something else other than coffee.

With the hot chocolate packets, there are people who don’t want to use the whole packet so they only use half and leave the other half for later or for other people. That’s fine.

What was NOT fine was someone had been leaving half used coffee packets. Now these aren’t small coffee packets, these are large coffee packets for those large airpots that you push down on a lever to get coffee.

Who was using only most of the coffee grounds? Why was it positioned as if someone was going to use the remaining coffee grounds? What was worse, it wasn’t even half full. There was only like barely two tablespoons of coffee grounds inside. I had asked around about who did it but never found out and it kept happening. Who’s going to make a big pot of coffee with two tablespoons of coffee grounds?

Turns out I answered my own question. The next time I saw a barely empty coffee ground packet sitting by the coffee maker and it was time to make the coffee, I just emptied that last remaining two tablespoons of coffee grounds into the filter. I also make sure to let whoever was in the lunch room know I was doing this so they could spread the word.

I never saw another barely empty coffee ground packet again.

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