Frizzy Hair

How to Style Frizzy Hair
Start taking care of frizz in the shower. The best product for frizzy hair we found in Internet is Smooth Therapie Deep Smoothing Leave-In Cream from Matrix. It is a good emergency product to control unruly or frizzy hair – use a tiny bit on the ends and leave in for a better-behaved hairdo. Do not hurry to dry your hair – frizzy hair absorb products better being wet. While drying use heat protection products, it will keep all cuticles in place and prevent frizz.

Do not brush your hair – use a wide tooth comb. Your only styling tools should be a paddle brush and a hairdryer with diffuser if you want to maintain wavy look or concentrator if you want to make straight look. Make parting according to where your stylist made it and then blowdry.

There are tons of products for frizzy hair out there in the market. Some of them work for some people and do not work for others. Try them all to find the best solution for you. In your basic routine you need >>>

1. One product for using in shower (hair conditioner or product for frizzy hair)

2. one smoothing serum you will use while blow drying (it better contain heat protection, if it does not, do not apply extra heat protection because it will leave too much product in your hair). Generally i would recommend to choose heat protection product over smoothing serum if you have to choose one.

3. One hair mask for dry or frizzy hair OR deep conditioning product you will use weekly. Do not forget home made treatments for dry and frizzy hair – they do wonders! All in all love your hair and take care of it, frizzy or not it will always look pretty if styled in a hair loving way and up-to-date.

On the next page, you will see many hairstyle ideas for frizzy hair!

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