Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is not a hair type, it is a hair condition. What will happen to your hair if it is something in between curly and wavy hair type and is temporarily dry? It will become Frizzy. Frizzy hair looks messy, locks are not shiny and they look fluffy. Such hair become more fluffy in high humidity weather.

So you have frizzy hair or you think you have it. This season you are lucky, frizzy hairstyle is hot. Get inspired from celebrity frizzy hairstyles and runway frizzy hairstyles.

Article about Frizzy Hair and Frizzy Hairstyle Ideas

What to do with frizzy hair?
As I told above in most cases frizz is caused by dryness, so the key to non frizzy hair is moisturizing. Try taking care of dry hair and scalp type advice. You should protect your hair from loosing moisture. Drink plenty of water and use non-alcohol hair products. Do deep conditioning weekly. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, but do not use two-in-one product. After you washed and conditioned your hair, rinse it with cold water, it will close your cuticles and will not let moisture out while hair drying. Try not to use towel on your hair – maximum you can do is gently wrap hair in towel and leave like this until towel absorbs water. Do not rub your hair with towel – it worsens the cuticle and causes them to stand.

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