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For a typical woman, there is a natural desire to have an elegant hairstyle for a special event. The problem is that the creation of these special hairstyles can often interfere with normal day to day life and can involve a considerable amount of time spent at the salon. With today’s active lifestyle accounting for most hours of the day and leaving little room to spend hours working on a hairstyle for a single event, a better decision may be to go with a wig. Contrary to popular belief, a wig does not need to be an outlandish and fake-looking accessory, but can be a stylish and elegant piece that takes the place of hours that could be in very short supply. The following wig styles may be a perfect fit for a woman who wants to look great without sacrificing her precious time.

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The Amore Updo Wig by Perfect Image is an excellent choice for a formal event or elegant evening, such as a charity fundraiser or a banquet dinner. Featuring side swept bangs and a simple bun, the wig presents a refined and classy appearance while not looking overly stiff or conservative. With a cost of $65, the price of the wig is actually cheaper than a visit to the salon for a similar looking hairstyle. With almost thirty colors to choose from, a woman should be able to find a near match for her natural hair color and most people will not be able to tell that it is a wig instead of the woman’s hair. Attached using a series of T-pins, the lightweight wig will connect to the hair securely and will be in no danger of falling off during the course of the evening.

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A less formal social event may call for quite a different style, one that is covered by the Relentless Wig from the Raquel Welch company. This model is able to be styled and uses the patented Sheer Indulgence system to create a part in the center or side as the woman desires. Made of a synthetic monofilament, the hairpiece comes in an amazing array of colors and a size to match the contours of any woman’s head. With a price tag of over $200, it is on the expensive side, but this cost can easily be made up with only a few wearings when compared to the expense of a salon. With good care, this high quality wig can last for several years and several products are available from the company to keep the hairpiece looking good.

While some women are still reluctant to buy a wig, the truth is that the modern technologies in wig production make the hair of a wig almost indistinguishable from the real thing. In addition, with more and more celebrities using wigs for special events, the social stigma of hairpieces has been completely eliminated and choosing a wig because of time or convenience reasons is more understood now than it was in previous years. If a woman has an important special event coming up and little time to get ready, a wig may be an attractive and cost-effective solution to the problem.

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