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Human hair wigs give the most natural appearance besides doing bald head careHuman hair wigs are so easy to style and make an illusion that doesn’t let anybody judge you have worn a wig. The shine, softness, versatility, and texture is just like real hair. But an abundance of questions unfurls in mind about human hair wigs brand, how much does it cost, and all other imperative aspects.

For your knowledge, we have solved here all the major queries regarding human hair wigs. Don’t hurry, read the whole article carefully!

Which Human Hair Wig Brands are the Best?

Human hair wigs are so comfortable to wear that almost every person prefers wearing them. Also, the durability aspect enhances its life and people feel it justified to buy a wig by getting which they never need to worry for at least 3-4 years after purchase. These are some of the prime reasons that lots of human hair wig brands are coming forward.

But which brand is the best one and you can count on without any doubt? Here are the most famous brands for human hair wigs!

  • Gabor
  • Estetica
  • New Look
  • Envy
  • Jon Renau
  • Hairdo
  • Forever Young
  • Smart Lace

These are the brands you can resort to having top quality human hair wigs and implement wigs styling tips for the best results.

Which Human Hairs are the Best for Wigs?

Human hairs are of varied variety. Usually, these are European, Indian, Chinese, and Remy that is considered as good human hair. These are the top suppliers to prepare the best human hair wigs.

However, when it comes to the best human hairs for making wigs, then Indian and European human hairs are considered as the best ones. Though China is a good human hair supplier, Indian and European hair is regarded as the top ones to prepare the most natural human hair wigs.

What is the Appropriate Hair Density for Wigs?

The hair density denotes the thick & thin hair of the wig. On each wig cap, the density is the amount of hair attached. It doesn’t determine hair volume. Usually, the appropriate density used in human hair wigs is 130%. Even 150- 180% density also considered as good to go.

However, if you want a gram standard to check the density of hair on wig then there’s no such thing at all. It’s just an estimate that this much density is enough. Each human hair wig carries different standard meter deciding about the density while producing top human hair wigs.

Just the parameter to judge is more the density more filler look you will get. For example, 180% density would be looking more fully than 130% & even 150%. With density, the price will also hike up, so more the density, more the price will be!

How Much Do Human Hair Wigs Cost?

Real human hair wigs give original and natural appearance than synthetic wigs. Obviously, originality costs more than fakeness. So the cost is higher than other wig options but its value is more than the price. Even it’s a worthwhile investment as it gives the real feel of original hair right away.

Usually, the cost varies between $700- $2000 and you get more than what you actually pay. Of course, the price is more than synthetic wigs but you see the realness and even durability of these wigs are greater than synthetic wigs. Where synthetic wigs remain for four to six months, there human hair wigs last for one to two years on an average.

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