UrbanClap helped me to get the Wedding Planners for my Parent’s Re-marriage

It was 25 years back, when my parents got married to each other. My mother was a Hindu girl and my father was a Muslim boy. India claims to be a secular country, but is not the one who can respect the love and feelings of two People. Even after so many years of Independence, India is still fighting with its so called traditions and ill thoughts. Nobody accepted the love my parents poured on each other; after all they came from two different religions. Here in India, where people can’t tolerate a normal inter-caste marriage, how can we think of getting two people from different religions getting married? There was no one to support them, but they managed together and I was born after 3 years.

People say; an infant can pull out the feelings from a stone too. And so was my birth, a miracle. After I was born, my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandparents came to shower the blessings on me. My mother was very happy and my father was happier than her, seeing both of us smile together. My mother told me this story, when I was in standard 10th. From that time only, I just had one dream to get my parents married with all the lavish wedding preparations and the time came. There could not be any other great occasion than their 25th Marriage Anniversary, their Silver Jubilee.

I had all the plans in my mind. I had to invite every single relative of my parents and had to arrange all the ceremonies as people have in their marriages. I didn’t know much about the ceremonies and the preparations, so I decided to hire one of the best Wedding Planner in Delhi. There were so much of preparations to do, but I couldn’t have done all those preparations on my own. I had to go to the office also; I couldn’t have missed a single day at office. After all, my work only made me this capable to organise everything for my parents.

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UrbanClap got me the best Professional Wedding Planner

Working at an MNC, made me smart enough to decide over things. People told me and suggested me few of the Wedding Planners but I was least interested in them. I already had heard about UrbanClap and I just thought that I will get my professional Wedding Planner in Delhifrom UrbanClap only.UrbanClap is an app which bridges the gap between the service seekers and service providers. UrbanClapis known to have the most efficient service providers for every possible service.

I already had the app downloaded in my smart phone and I had used plumber’s service from UrbanClap, which I found good enough to give a next try. Rather than searching various websites and landing for none, I preferred not to waste my time on the Internet. Rather, I entered what I needed for in the UrbanClap search box. I was proffered with a lot of options for the same. I was both happy and confused that how I will search for someone who can utilise my money and his brains for the best Wedding Planning. Getting a plumber was easy as it was just a mere task of getting the tap repaired. But finding the best Wedding Planner in Delhi was indeed going to be hectic task.

Well, it wasn’t as hectic as I thought. I just checked the reviews and the ratings and filtered the whole list on these two criterions. I sent personal messages to the filtered ones asking them for their portfolios and price quotes. Within some time, I started receiving quotes from them along with their Portfolios. I sat down and checked the portfolios carefully. Among all I found the one I was looking for. I called the person and told him that I loved his Portfolio and wanted to hire him as the wedding Planner for my parent’s re-marriage. He came; we sat together and discussed that how must we proceed with? He was very supportive and understanding in every manner. First of all, he helped me get the Wedding Cards printed. Then he asked me about the relatives and the guests, who would be coming for the Wedding. He enquired about the food we would love to eat and how will be the ceremonies arranged?

Why go with UrbanClap?

UrbanClap already provided me with one of the best experiences, when I called the plumber to fix the running tap in my bathroom. In spite of knowing that the work is not at all similar, but only because of a good experience I had, I chose UrbanClap. UrbanClap is an application with very friendly user interface. The application is easy to understand and easy to use. You don’t need to be a master technically, in order to use the application. After downloading the application, you just need to fill up few of your required details, in order to get registered on the application.

Well, I was very happy with my choice as the Professional and the team I got from the UrbanClap application was the best Wedding Planner in Delhi, I found. He and his team let me decide everything. The themes were decided, the venue was chosen, the menu was decided, caterers were contacted, Fashion designers, heena designers, Bridal Makeup Artist, decorators, Florists and everything possible which was needed was done. I was very happy with the preparations going on and so were my parents, when they came to know about the same. They were so happy with the surprise, I planned for them.

How to find the best Wedding Planners from UrbanClap?

Finding out the best wedding planners from UrbanClap was an easy task. At first, I was startled seeing such a huge list of options, but then I realised that, I just had to filter them on the basis of my location, their ratings, their availability and the reviews they got from their clients and customers. I went through each and every review of their clients and got to know that they were just best and the most experienced ones in their fields. I didn’t give a second thought to them; after all I just loved their portfolio. I even didn’t call them for the face to face interview, as the way he talked to me over phone was enough to understand his professionalism.

Mr. AbhijeetKundra and his whole team, from Wedding Mubaraka helped me lot arranging the whole marriage for my parents. The ceremonies turned out to be awesome. My parents were very happy, as their dream of having a lavish wedding came true after 25 long years. I was really happy and was feeling blessed that I earned enough to fulfil my parent’s dreams. I even brought them two tickets to Switzerland for their honeymoon. Team Wedding Mubaraka is the best and I will highly recommend them to everyone who is planning to get married sooner or later. His whole team is very supportive, punctual and understanding in every manner. You cannot point out a single flaw in their work. Thanks UrbanClap for such an amazing experience once again.

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