Top Knot

The top knot is a hair style that has become synonymous with chic and effortless style. It has grown in popularity over the years due to its ease of creation and the fact that it works well on many different types of social occasions. This high-bun style is well known due to both fashion and entertainment media.

Whether you wish to portray yourself as a period samurai, or simply desire to wear a dramatic and intriguing hairstyle, the top knot is definitely the style to work with. The simple, yet effective top knot is the perfect answer to any question regarding the type of effortless and comfortable hairstyle that works in most occasions. This style works well on hot summer days, and it is so versatile that is is suitable for use with any type of hair type or texture.

The top knot also represents an incredibly cool choice for fixing a bad hair day. This style can readily transform your look into a strikingly different appearance with very little effort. Despite this fact it can also showcase a playful and fun statement when a few interesting hair accessories are added into the mix. A coral hair pin would be one example of a fun top knot accessory.

Whether you enjoy a hard edges style or not does not matter. You can loosen up your look by aiming just below perfection. Leave the bun slightly loose. This allows for a vital and rebellious look that causes heads to turn whenever the wearer walks down the street! If you would prefer a glamorous look then consider gently framing the face with flyaways. Even curly hair is no deterrent for this hairstyle. The top knot hairstyle looks classy, and sophisticated even with messy or curly hair. This simple hair style is the best possible means of keeping on-the-go without having to fuss with your hair!


Some cute hair accessories to style a top knot

The choice of which style of topknot to use can best be determined by deciding on what type of look you wish to pull off that day. If it is not left slightly loose then it is possible that you will end up with a version that is very tight on the head. This is perfectly fine if you desire a severe, authoritarian, look. However, it ruins the fun and expressive nature of a flirty outfit otherwise.

Once you have decided on the top knot you wish to work with you will begin by creating a ponytail. Once this has been accomplished you can create a super cool top knot by twisting the pony tail into a bun. Fix this twist in place with bobby pins after tucking in the ends.

Try working with the messy, sleek, look that adds a touch of elegance and wealth to your appearance. The only difference between this variation and the last one is that the top knot will be slightly tighter and you will need to use the smooth side of a brush to complete the process. Run the smooth side of the brush along the front so that you can avoid any tendrils that frame the face.


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Top Knot How-To Video Tutorial

How to create oversized bun with 0 effort video tutorial


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