Top Halloween Inspired Hairstyles

Everyone’s favorite time of year is finally here! Halloween season is the perfect time to try out hairstyles inspired by your favorite characters and celebrities. Not sure what hairstyle is best for you? 5 STARR Salon & Spa has come up with a list of this year’s top picks.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen’s Inside-Out Braid


If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you probably know that Daenerys has one of the best hairstyles on television right now. Her infamous side braid is perfect for Halloween season. Learn how to do this hairstyle yourself in a few easy steps here. Be your own Mother of Dragons with this fabulous hairstyle!

Mermaid Waves

Being a mermaid is a very fun and popular Halloween costume idea. To complete the look, you’ll definitely want the perfect mermaid waves in your hair. Use a curling wand to give yourself these beautiful waves. After curling, run your fingers through your hair or comb through the curls.

Ballerina Bun

Another classic Halloween inspired hairstyle is the ballerina bun. This hairstyle is great because it gets all of your hair out of your face. Add a little bit of spunk to your ballerina bun by adding a braid into it.

Gatsby Era Flapper Hair

Daisy Buchanan is one of the most-loved characters from American literature and she also has beautiful hair!  Flapper style hair is a great Halloween inspired idea. Get your hair into soft curls and be sure to add a fun and sparkly headband to complete the look!

Katniss Everdeen Side Braid

While The Hunger Games movies may be over, Katniss’s side braid will forever remain one of the most popular hairstyles during Halloween time. The odds will be ever in your favor if you go with this look alongside your favorite riding boots!

Princess Leia’s Side Buns

Star Wars costumes are popular every year, and Princess Leia’s signature side buns are an easy and fun hairstyle that goes along with the costume. You’ll also want to find the perfect white dress to complete the costume!

Dorothy’s Pretty Braids

The Wizard of Oz is timeless, as are Dorothy’s adorable braids. This hairstyle is one of the easiest ones to pull off yourself, and make sure you remember the perfect picnic basket for Toto!
There are of course hundreds of great Halloween costumes to choose from and sometimes it can be hard to decide what look is best for you. We hope that these ideas give you a bit of inspiration and help your hair look fabulous this Halloween season!

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