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Love your thin hair, take proper care of it and you will be suprised how polished will your hairstyle be.

We want to look like this:

Thinning Hair Solutions

But unfortunately most of the times we look like the one below:


Beautiful hair means volume. So what should girls, with thin hair, do?

First you need to decide if your hair is thin naturally or it became thin. Take a look at your parents, what kind of hair do they have, check your childhood pictures, if you had thin hair all the time it means that you have naturally thin hair.

If your hair became thin;

In this case thinness is a temporal hair condition. It happens if hair do not receive proper nutrition because of stress, too often hair coloring, waving with chemicals because of too hard water and lack of zinc. If you recognized that your hair became thinner than usual, you should treat it better.

If your hair is naturally thin;

If mother nature rewarded you with thin hair and you do not like it, there are two ways to take care of it. First – proper hair care that will not let your thin hair become even thinner. Second – hiding thinness of your hair.

Taking care of thin hair:

Do not color your hair more often than once a month. Instead of coloring prefer highlighting and lowlighting, ask your stylist to use natural dye.  Apply hair and scalp masks regularly. It is always better to wash your hair with clean water or boiled tap water (store bottles in your bathroom). Try not to use hair elastics, hairgrips etc. always on the same place – it provokes hair to break because of constant mechanical force.

On the next page, you will find nice tips about your thin(ning) hair:

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