44 Secret Gross Things That All Girls Do But Don’t Talk About

If you've never tweezed a nipple hair then you haven't fully gone through puberty yet.
(full credit and source: Flo Perry | h/t: buzfeed)

9) Really enjoying digging out ingrown hairs.

10) Having whole sessions with the tweezers where you get every single one.

11) Making hair art on the shower walls from all the hair that falls off your head.

12) And finding it quite satisfying to pull out those stray hairs that get stuck in your bum crack.

13) Twiddling your pubes in a totally non-sexy way.

14) Owning a pair of scissors that you exclusively use to trim your pubes.

15) Or just trimming your pubes with any old scissors and hoping no one notices.

16) Also giving them a haircut while sitting on the toilet and marvelling at the amount you can trim off.

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