The Hottest 2013 Hair Trends For Men


As the male fashion industry keeps on growing bigger and bigger, the trend for male grooming, beauty and hair is growing too. Where once a short back and sides was the order of the day, nowadays men want hair that is slick and fashionable, and they are prepared to put time and effort into getting it too! The hair industry tends to move slower than the fashion industry, so if you head to the hairdressers and ask for the perfect hairstyle now it should last you at least 12 months before you need to think about tweaking it and looking for the next big thing. But what hair style should you be asking for?

There are two key men’s hair styles for 2013. The first is a very formal looking style with a slick side parting and a little volume at the sides. The second is a long shaggy hair style which looks a little rougher round the edges, and is built up with lots of layers and texture. For both of these styles it is essential that you have a full head of hair. Male pattern baldness is a common problem for men of all ages. If you notice that your hair is starting to thin it is best to face the problem head on and start treating the problem as soon as possible. Hair loss medications such as Propecia and caffeine rich shampoos can both help to stop or slow down hair loss, and both are legal and safe to use. So before you follow these simple tips to create the hottest hair trends for 2013, make sure your hair is in the best possible strength and condition.

The Slick Side Parting


Thanks to Don Draper from Mad Men and the fashion trend for men to wear slim fitting 1950s-style suits, the side parting is having something of a revival for men in 2013. However this hair style takes more effort than simply combing your hair to one side; you need the perfect cut, and a collection of high shine products too. When you go to the hair salon, ask your stylist to leave a good amount of length on the top of your head, whilst clipping your hair short at the sides. This will make the length at the front look longer, and the style look more exaggerated.


If you want to give this hair cut a modern look, have the hair cut slightly longer on one side, so that you get more volume from the parting. Another key part of getting this trend right is applying the right products at the styling stage. Look for a high gloss shine spray and apply liberally. Finally to hold your style in place, rub a small amount of old-fashioned pomade into your palms and work into the hair; try not to apply too much, as you want the result to be hair that looks shiny full and healthy, not greasy.

Tousled and Touchable Texture

Want a hair style that is less slick and more casual and undone? Then instead opt for a textured cut with a surfer/rocker feel. If you have a natural wave in your hair then you are in luck: work with it and incorporate it into your style. Last year the trend was for men to straighten their hair and aim for a smooth and perfect look- this year though waves and kinks are on trend, so put those straighteners back in the drawer! The key to getting this look right is to keep the ends of your hair cut as clean and tidy as possible: the rest of the style is up to you! Just use your imagination and remember, there is no right and wrong as long as you are staying true to your individual style. Just like with the slick side parting, have the sides of your hair clipped short: then all of the drama can be focused on the front of your hair. If you have naturally straight hair then invest in a texturizing balm and a salt spray to add volume and movement to your hair. Finally, if you really want to stand out from the crowd then why not think about adding colour to the tips and ends of your hair? Blonde and vibrant red are very on trend and can be used to enhance and complement your skin tone.

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