Ten Best Hairstyles for Prom Season

As the world of beauty evolves, hairstyles do as well. There are a large variety of hairstyles that are complementary to all hair textures and can accentuate any dress that is chosen for prom.

Portrait of young beautiful woman with creative elegant hairstyl

Side swept and Sleek:  This elegant style allows a sleek finish paying special attention to a side bang adding a flirtatious flair.

Soft and Subtle:  Style is best when trying to achieve a long luxe look. Large heated curls, pinned until cooled then relax to give the effect.

Beautifully Braided:  This is a phenomenal and diverse style that can be paired with curls, or pulled loosely to the side.

Formal is Forever:  A classic Up-do from pinned curls into place, to soft side partings, this formal and creative look adds style and class that is sought after.

Pretty Pony Tail:  This is popular for its sophisticated and elegant style. The hair simply pulled back, or to the side, it can be dressed up with any fashion hair accessory.

Beautiful Bun:  Buns are trending in many ways. Worn high on the crown, or to the side, a bun gives hair of any texture a great look.

Big and Bouncy:  With voluminous curls, tease at the base to add the perfect amount of texture.  This look is sure to be appealing and have lots of movement.

Messy is More:  Messy styles are hitting the red carpet.  To keep up with the trend, take loose curls and pin them into place. Strategic placement is not necessary in achieving the sexy tousled look.

Halo Half-Up:  Perfect for the person who cannot make a decision to have an up or down style. Worn twisted in the back and curled or beach waved, you can add brilliance.

Romantic & Retro:  From pin curls to finger waves, a romantic Up-do style is by far a favorite. The delicacy will be admired by all

Any of the above mentioned styles paired with the perfect make-up and dress will add the right amount of glamour to have you feeling like the Prom Queen! (by 5starrsalonspa).

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