Teasing Guide

Teasing is always hot because it adds volume to your hair and it makes you instantly look better. But this season teasing is a glamorous girls best friend. Check out this teasing guide.

What do you need to perform a perfect teasing?

1.Choose a teasing comb that suits your hair and is comfortable for you.

2. Light Hairspray

Think, where you want the volume to be and start right there. Take two inch wide section on hair and hold it firmly art right angles to the head. Tension is very important. Draw a tail comb down from the middle of the length to the roots three times. If you have done it right, the backcombed hair should feel ‘spongy’. Repeat on the section of hair next to the backcombed section. And continue around the crown until you have teased the whole lot. Mist lightly with hairspray then smooth over lightly with a gentle brush.

Step back and look at yourself in the mirror. If it needs a little bit more teasing or flattening down, adjust with a tail comb.

Always tease the roots, never the ends. If backcombing is done properly, it will not damage hair.

Teasing Video Tutorials

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