Taking Care of Your Curly Hair While Hunting

Most people think that hunting is a man’s passion and rightly so. People, however, are not aware of women who also share the same desire and enthusiasm towards hunting. However, for most such women, major hurdle while going hunting is taking care of their hair so that it does not get damaged. Outdoors are as it is tough for a woman’s hair and that coupled with a rough terrain makes things more difficult. Here are some quick tips to handle your hair better when doing hunting.


First and foremost do not decide to go out with wet hair. It is quite obvious that whatever location you decide to do your hunting it will be a mixture of dirt and soil. Wet hair will have them clinging to your hair in no time. In case you wish to go with washed hair then better wash them before sleeping a night before.

Use a leave in conditioner before leaving or better still carry one with you. Another idea could be preparing one by mixing 1 part conditioner to 5 parts water and carrying it in a spray bottle .As and when you feel your hair is losing its sheen apply the same and leave it for some time.

In case you plan to use a rimfire scope for your gun then it is advisable to keep your hair tied in a bun. That is because adjusting a scope requires a lot of precision and open hair can be a major diversion and can result in an error of judgment on your part.


If the weather shows a possibility of rains then it is best to prepare beforehand. Apply ample oil in your hair and keep them covered most of the time as wet hair can be easily damaged by the natural elements.

In case the sun is shining it is bound to cause severe damage to your hair. In such a situation you are advised to cover it with a hat or a UV protecting spray. Make sure that your hair does not get directly exposed to the sun as that can be extremely damaging.

It is always better to be make arrangements in case of any emergency. Keep some hair accessories like bobby pins and headbands etc. You can use them liberally in case you feel any chances of the hair getting affected because of the external conditions.

Whenever you plan to go out for your hunting trip avoid using any chemical treatments on your hair a week or two before that time. Sun is as it is in its severest form and these colorants will also cause major damage to your hair .Apart from that, it is also advised that blow drying your hair be strictly avoided as that also leads to major breakages in the outdoors.

So, all the female hunters who are afraid to unleash their wild side because of the fear of their hair getting spoiled stop yourself no more. Follow these crazy but simple tips and ensure that your hair and your hunt both stay perfect.

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