Super Sexy Waves

This hairdo reminds princesses hair – bounce, glossy and groomed. This hairdo is what will make men turn their heads  because girls with such hair remind them princesses from stories mom used to read them when they were little boys.


Prepare hair for the styling and then tong in some serious waves.
How to do proper curling. Start curling halfway down each section of hair. Do not overload hair with styling products –use it after curling. Spray root lift product only to roots and not too much. Tong all the curls in the same direction. Do not brush your hair after the tonging. You will spoil all the hard work and your hair will look messy. If you are not satisfied with volume after curling check out how to add more body to curls.

Sexy Waves

Sexy Waves
Anna Kendrick
Sexy Waves
Mariah Carey

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