Spring Beauty Tips That Are Modern, Inexpensive And Right For The Moment

Perhaps the author Halldor Laxness said it best:

“I feel a physical happiness when spring is coming.”

How true, especially regarding spring beauty and all the wonderful new products and concepts we can add to our looking good line-up. Spring is the perfect season to try on new trends and forge ahead with unique beauty.

Here are our Spring Beauty Tips to get you on your way:

  1. Jeweled Tone Shadows

There is nothing lovelier than eyes that shine with gem-like shades, and that’s a sizzling trend straight from the runways. Consider colors like emerald, sapphire or sunset, and then trace a black eye liner across your top and bottom lids. The effect is exquisite like a smoky eye with a pop of color.


  1. Two Braided Pigtails

This is a classic most women remember in childhood, braided pigtails. The look is fun, weather-friendly, youthful and easy to accomplish. Model Bella Hadid often sports the braided pigtails trend for her street look.

To get your braids super shiny, stylists recommend rubbing in a few drops of shine and anti-frizz serum for perfection. Then tie off your braids with two clear elastics.


  1. Signature Scarlet Lip

A bold, beautiful red mouth never goes out of style, and in fact, the trend continues this season. Every woman’s skin tone can handle this strong, powerful shade.

Stars like Emma Watson keep the look classically simple and allow their scarlet lips to do the talking. That means soft blush and basic black mascara and eye liner. It’s head-turning without trying so hard.


  1. Lip Balm Protection Must

When playing around with various lipsticks, especially in matte form, you want to ensure your lips are in their best shape. Dry and chapped simply will not do, and your lipstick will cake and flake.

One of the best nourishing balms out there is EOS because it’s formulated with healthy natural ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil. EOS glides across the lips smoothly on clear.


  1. Rumpled Lob Sexy Do

Demi Lovato recently removed her super long hair extensions and opted for a glam, texture layered lob (long bob). She has never looked better. The beautiful bed head look was enhanced with curly patterns created with a one-inch size curling wand. A texturizing hairspray adds piece-y separation with great hold.

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