“How To” Guide by Elle: Soft Wavy Hairstyle

Soft Wavy HairstylesIf you want to create more body to your hair you should start from blow drying. To make soft waves afterwards use large rollers.

Preparation. Use a heat protection spray during styling. It will protect hair from mechanical damage and heat of hair dryer. Spread small portion of product on hair – start from ends and move to roots.

Step 1. Apply lotion for thickening hair. It will add hair extra body. Make a parting using a comb, and spread lotion on hair from roots to ends (pic 1). Make another parting near and repeat. Not applying lotion to scalp work through all head.

Step 2. Now blow dry hair. You can use a vent comb – lifting hair up near the roots blow dry it. Or you can bend head down and brushing hair forward with paddle brush, blow dry them (pic 2).

Step 3. We want to create soft waves not little curls, so we will be needing large rollers (more than 5sm diameter). Apply hair rollers and heat up each strand with blow dryer (pic 3). In 15 minutes when hair will cool down, spray some hairspray. Wait 2 minutes, let hair dry. Then take rollers out and brush hair. Make a parting and style hair. Apply some more hair spray if needed or shine spray.

soft waves 1 bella hairstyle
Make a parting and spread lotion over hair

soft waves 2 bella hairstyle
Bend head down and blow dry hair with a brush

soft waves 3 bella hairstyle
Apply rollers and heat every strand with blow dryer

What Can You Use to Create Bella Swan Style Soft Waves

Hair spray Forceful 23 Redken
Hair spray Forceful 23 Redken

Forceful 23 Redken
Contour 08 RedKen

Vynil Glam 02 Redken

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