Looking for Copywriters

Would you like to write content for IKnowHair.Com and earn money? If your answer is YES then we need you!

We have implemented a system for article writers and here are the step by step instructions.

The First Steps:

1: You must register to IKnowHair.Com

2: When you register, you will be able to access the article submission form.

3: Send your article to us by using the article submission form.

4: Our editors will proof-read the article, check the grammar, check if the article is unique or not and then will approve or decline it.

5: If your article is accepted, we will credit the right amount of cash to your account.

How much do we pay?

1: We will credit your account 0.75$ per 100 words and your article must have at least 350 words.

2: Depending on the quality, uniqueness and grammar we may increase the price we pay per 100 words. 0.75$ per 100 words is NOT the top limit but the least.

5: We will pay via Paypal, and you must collect at least 10$ to request a payment.

a) Articles must be unique, you can not copy-paste from other articles, period. We are using copyscape.com to detect non-unique articles. So do not waste your time or ours.

b) Minimum word count we accept is: 350 words per article.

c) Each article must have a keyword, and article must be written for that keyword. There is a keyword density rule, which means that some % of the content must have the keyword.
The % we accept is %2 minimum and %4 maximum. If you write a 500 words article about “Short Hair Styles” we expect to see the keyword “short hair styles” at least 10 times in the article so it will have %2 keyword density, or maximum 20 times so it will haveĀ %4 keyword density.

d) You are not allowed to write articles about past, which means that you can not write articles about “Best Hairstyles of 2009” etc. We need fresh articles and up to date articles.

e) The first and the last sentence of the article must contain the keyword.

f) You must write either about hair related stuff or celebrity gossip/news. You are welcome to write about both.

g) You must be a native english speaker, if english is not your native language, please do not waste your time for writing articles for us. All articles will be proof read.

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