“How To” Guide by Elle: Large Side Braid

It will be easier to maintain such hairstyle if you have deep side fringe. To make braid more voluminous use hair extensions or tease your own hair.

Large Side Braid Large Side Braid Large Side Braid




Preparation. Protect hair from heat using protective gel, it will also provide extra volume.

Step 1. Apply gel to wet hair along the full length. After it blow dry hair, bending head down (pic 1). Throw hair back. Make side parting.

Step 2. Prepare large tongs, at least 4sm diameter. Separate large strand (approximatly 10sm) near forehead and roll it over tongs (pic 2). Carefully take tongs out. Do not brush the curl, let it cool down.

Step 3. While locks are cooling down, start braiding. Braid should be very loose. If your hair is not enough, tease it. Separate hair in three pieces. Tease every part tenderly (pic 3). Braid loose braid. Fix braid with textile elastic, it will not damage hair. At last make fringe look a little bit messy. It should be in the form of a wave. Use your fingers, not brush. Lifting fringe up fix it with hair spray.

Side Braid Hairstyle
Apply styling gel. Bend hair down and blow dry.

Side Braid Hairstyle
Separate large strand near forehead and tong it.

Side Braid Hairstyle
Braid will be more voluminous if you tease your hair first

What Else Do You Need to Maintain Side Braid?

Body Wella Professionals Side Braid Hairstyle
Styling gel Add Some Body Wella Professionals

Hair lacquer High Hair Wella Professionals
Hair spray Hairlacquer High Hair Wella Professionals


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