Short, Messy Hairstyles

Messy Hairstyle

Whether carelessly casual or artistically tousled, the popularity of 2012’s short, messy hairstyles grows as warm weather nears. When spring arrives, many women have grown tired of hair damaged by cold, dry winter conditions. They no longer want the long tresses that warm their necks but weigh down their heads.

Messy Hair Cut

Good reasons exist for short, messy hair during summer. Winter hair dropping to the stylist’s floor in spring offers a feeling of freedom and abandonment not felt since the previous summer, and a messy cut relieves the tedium of tending to other hairstyles that wilt during summer’s hot temperatures.

Freedom is not the only recommendation for the trend in 2012’s short, messy hairstyles; the versatility of the cuts and the visual impact of short, messy hair contribute to the style’s appeal.

The pixie cut offers the most visually dramatic trend in 2012’s short, messy hairstyles. Ultra short and easy to mess, the pixie requires little effort to achieve either an artless or a contrived messy look; often, simply stepping out of bed gives the desired result. As a short hairstyle, the pixie can be flattering and extremely feminine, but the style can flop if your features do not support this very close cut.

Pixie cuts look very attractive on petite women with delicate, defined features and large eyes. If your features do not support a traditional pixie, variations can prevent an overly mannish look. Leaving longer bangs or side wisps that frame the face keeps femininity in the style.

Cut longer than the pixie, often to right below the ear or jaw line, the short, messy hairstyles of 2012 offer great versatility in styling options. We see two great trends exploding on the hair scene.

Short, messy hairstyles highlighted at formal events feature sleek sides with tousled waves or large curls crowning the head. The look is more prettily windblown than messy.

The other popular style gives a modern twist to old-school glamour. Styling the hair with an abundance of pin curls and minimizing styling products offers a softly glamorous mess without the shellacked appearance of previous decades.



In 2012, short, messy hairstyles suit gentle, natural color as well as vivid, bold color. The styles also work with any amount of effort: wash and wear or an hour spent for a gorgeous result. Whatever your preference, there is a short, messy hairstyle perfect for every woman.

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