Short Hairstyles

An Excellent Choice for the Busy Woman
In today’s rushed society, women often have to fit many more things into the same 24 hour day. Consequently, very few women are able to give up significant time in pursuit of a fantastic coiffure, so most are just looking for a time-saving way to have wonderful hair. A short hairstyle is the simplest way to acquire an easy, polished look, and many options are available to suit all tastes and facial shapes.

A-Line Bob
Perfect for those who want the easy maintenance of short hair and the versatility of longer hair, the A-line bob offers both. While the back of this style is short enough to cool off the nape of the neck, the front is long enough to sweetly frame the face. Easy to style with a flat-iron and hairspray, the A-line bob can look glamorous and sporty at the same time.

A-Line Bob

Page-Boy Pixie
While the page-boy pixie is extremely short on the neck, it also offers a long, layered bang that can be worn slicked back, tucked behind the ears or parted on the side. Extremely simple to style, a quick blow-dry followed by a spray-on gloss, and this very chic cut is ready to go.


Classic Pixie
This elegant short cut works especially well with fine, wavy hair. So simple to style, it looks perfect when dried naturally after an application of styling lotion. Of course, the process can be sped up with a diffuser, but either way, this haircut is the start of a marvelous look.


Rounded Geo Bob
An excellent short haircut for those who like trendy looks, this style is an updated version of the Vidal Sassoon classic five point bob. Extremely versatile, its abundant layers can be styled to give it great height, but its shape makes it easy to slick back or smooth down, if the occasion calls for it.

rounded bob



Short Hairstyles are Ideal for the 2012 Summer Season
Being beautiful without trying too hard is what short hairstyles are all about, so a short style that is expertly cut will enable women to spend less time fussing with their hair and more time enjoying the summer.

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