Short Hairstyle Pictures

 short hair

Everyone thinks that long hair is the best for a girl and boys always prefer girls with long hair. But it does not mean that every girl should grow her hair out as long as she can. The key to be pretty and glamorous is to wear hairdo that fits your face shape and body type. Nothing makes girls face look so innocent and sweet as pixie crop, Short Hair Cut Styles are hot for nearly two years already and they are not going anywhere. They are fresh, fun and interesting at least alot more catchy than boring waves and curls.

How to chose a Short Hair Cut Style. I personally always advice not to try to save money on a good hair cut, speaking about short hairstyles – a quality cut is a key. Check out this Short Hair Cut Styles pictures and try to match girls face shapes to yours, think what hair type you have (for instance some Short Hair Cut Styles look better with soft thin hair, others with strong sharp hair) and what length do you prefer.

Thinking about the best Short Hair Cut Styles the first names come to mind are Victoria Beckham, Agyness Deyn, lovely Ginnifer Goodwin and of course Rihanna.

If you have naturally straight hair like Agyness, the hair cuts she tried can suit you too!

If you have soft wavy hair like Ginnifer Goodwin, try short hair styles she had

When Hayden Panettiere cut her beautiful hair I was shocked. Probably she did it to look older for movie producers so that they will not give her any more cheerleader roles.  Personally i prefer Hayden with long hair.

Victoria Beckham knows how to rock a pixy hair cut.

Who is the master of Short Hair Cuts? Of course Rihanna! Her hair is always glossy, glamorous, unusual and up-to-date. Steal ideas of her stylists to update your look!

Did you see Rihannas new red hair color and new hair styles? I will show you in my next post!

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