Short Hair Styles


There’s something rejuvenating about lopping off long locks in favor of a short hairdo. For 2014, several exciting short haircuts are making waves. Learn about a few of the best ones below.


If you like the fluidity and grace of the classic bob, but don’t have the strong jaw line or elegant neck to pull it off, the demi-bob may be right for you. This style is also known as a long bob, and it extends to the middle of the neck or the shoulders. Nearly anyone is an ideal candidate for this cut.

Short Hairstyles For 2014


The pixie is one of those cuts that flares up in popularity from time to time, and it’s proving to be a popular short hairstyle for 2012. If your face is round or long, avoid this cut. It looks the best on people with oval, square or heart-shaped faces. You’ll have an easier time achieving a chic look if your hair is naturally wavy and thick.

Short Hairstyles For 2014

Spiky Cut

Those who like to bask in the spotlight should consider getting spiky haircuts. There is a limitless number of ways to pull off this look. Its defining characteristic is a short, choppy, spiky look. Celebs like Rihanna make it look easy, so turn to them for inspiration.

Short Hairstyles For 2014

Tousled Shag

You can unhand the flat iron and give your hair a breather. The tousled shag is back in a big way. It looks amazing on just about anyone, and it works well with many types of hair. However, you’ll have an easier time styling it if your hair is slightly wavy.

Short Hairstyles For 2014

The Classic Bob

Finally, the classic bob is back in style for 2014. If you have the neck, jaw line and patience that are needed to pull it off, it might be a worthwhile option to consider.

Short Hairstyles For 2014

If you’re ready to try out a stylish, short hairdo, 2014 is the year in which to do it. Just select a style that flatters your face and hair, and you’ll be ready to go!

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