Short Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

Celebrity Short Hair Styles

The celebrity hairstyles 2012 trend follows the key mantra of keeping it short. The short hair cuts have swept away the Hollywood fashion industry, and the trend is expected to blow away the celebrity hair fashion in the new season as well. Short celebrity hairstyles 2012 make it simple to carry, with least hair care needed. In fact, these hairstyles, worn by the famous celebrities, have actually made them all the more famous. With an increasing consciousness towards following the fashion, these celebrity haircuts have become the latest fad, sweeping away the Hollywood, and the fashion industry at large. Below mentioned are some of the celebrity hairstyles 2012 that have blown off the fashion trend in 2011, and is ready to hit the new season with a bang.

Celebrity Short Hair Styles

Victoria Beckham sets the trend for the best celebrity hairstyles 2012 with her stunning inverted bob two toned hairstyle. This is best kept on medium length hair, and features a classic sassy look. This style diva is also seen sporting very short and cute pixie cut, and sleek Chinese hairstyles as well. Highlight your best assets with these very short haircuts, and style it anyway you like by using a little gel and a blow-dryer. The popular Colombian star, Shakira, has said good bye to her long tresses, and made a drastic makeover with a short blonde bob haircut. This haircut is anticipated to be one of the most popular celebrity hairstyles 2012. Style your short bob with two toned colors, or get a messy look for a perfect holiday season. Halle Berry’s iconic trendy short hairstyle is considered to be super glamorous, and looks incredible in all face cuts. Style it as you desire, and you can make up one of the best celebrity hairstyles 2012.

Celebrity Short Hair Styles









Rihanna, the famous pop star, has never failed to impress the fashion industry with her daring and appealing short hairstyles. No wonder, her short hairstyles happen to be one of the phenomenal celebrity hairstyles 2012. No matter what style you try, it will always look ravishing on your short haircut. The Pirates of Caribbean star Keira Knightley, and the famous Harry Potter celebrity Emma Watson has swept away the Hollywood fashion industry with their unique celebrity hairstyles 2012, featuring short pixie cuts. No matter whether you wear a short hairstyle sleek or messy, when it is worn with side bangs and neat sides, these celebrity hairstyles 2012 will certainly give your face an illusion of style and glamour.

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