After 10 Years, Rock ‘n’ Roll Couple Finally Gets A Makeover

Today you will meet Tim and Wendy, who are known as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hair Couple”. Even thou the people who knew them really adored and loved them, they were also horrified by their fashion and hair styles. Wendy had not cut her hair for 11 years and Tim had not cut his hair for 18 years and he looked over 50 while he was only 43 at the time..

We strongly advice you to watch the video below. The video is from 2003 and the lovers appears on Oprah for couples makeover.. Just wait until you see the final results.. Really shocking, for 2003. Unfortunately Tim passed away in 2008. “I’m glad that the whole world got to see how we felt about each other,” his wife says. “I wish everybody could express the way they feel about the ones they love like that.”

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