33 Humorous Protest Signs From ‘Dog With Sign’ Who Has 181000 Fans

There is a cute Dog With Sign in town. We know that when human beings have something to tell, they just need to be reasonable. But when there is an adorable dog protesting over the rises and falls of doglife, we are talking about a whole new level of cuteness overload.

Dog With Sign (a.k.a Baboy) tells “If you don’t sit for something, you’ll never get the treat.” and you will understand that it is so true after you see its` photos.

From asking for more food on the floor, to protesting the use of dogs as your pick-up line, these are pure gold dog wisdom all engraved on cardboard signs.

More info: Instagram (h&t Liucija and Greta)

Caroline is the owner of the Instagram page of “Dog with Sign” and told that the inspiration for making the Insta page came from the “Dudette With Sign” & “Dude With Sign” Instagram pages. Also, Baboy just likes to hold things in his mouth, so it makes sense.

“Reaction from the people of the internet has been really positive. It is really motivating when followers reach out and say Dog with Sign made them smile.”

While looking for inspiration for the Dog with Sign`s protest slogan, Caroline said that she spends a lot of time with people who are fanatics of dogs. She said: “This is very helpful for brainstorming ideas.” Dog clichés also have a big role.

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