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Some kids were bothering me so I pretended to have an asthma fit because of their vaping.

Some context: I’m a senior in highschool. In my school, there isn’t an official school bus. But there’s this public bus that goes by the school after the day ends. I, like many other kids, take this bus because it’s convenient. However, the catch is that the sophomores that also take the bus sit in the back and play music really loud, vape, and make general commotion. This has gone on since the start of my year. I slowly got more pissed to the livestock point that I finally snapped.

Anyways, today I was sick with a cold. I get into the bus and they start playing their music. Great. I sit down, coughing ever so often, getting glances. Then I saw the smoke and smelled cotton candy. At this exact moment, I started to cough, and I realized midcough that I have astma and I could easily fake an asthma fit. I start keeling over, clutching my chest, coughing crazily yet believably. The bus driver starts getting concerned and he asks me if I’m okay. I point to the back of the bus and cry, “They’re vaping and I’m allergic!” He looks back and all the sophomores go silent, one of them still vaping. I add tears for the good measure. The sophomore clique goes into chaos. They start blaming eachother, pushing eachother, etc. I cough even more, covering my mouth. The bus driver chews them out, stops the bus SEVERAL times to check in with me, making them all late. One of them even got off early because he was pissed at his friends for doing that. And here I am, writing this, and grateful those jerks got what they deserve. By the way, if any of you sophomores read this, you know who you are. I won’t be afraid to take even drasticer measures to get your transcripts ruined. It won’t be pretty.

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