Ponytail Hairstyles

As ponytail hairstyles are trendy nowadays let`s see  how to create an evening hairstyle from a usual ponytail? Lets check how did Nicole Kidman do her ponytail hairstyle: First, tease hair near the roots and create a high ponytail (do not make it too tight, leave some volume), leave some strands out near the face. Do not smooth hair, let it lay naturally messy – it will add youth and charm to your hairstyle. High ponytail hairstyles are hot now – fasten hair elastic higher than usual. Separate some strands from the tail and curl with curling iron, afterwards tease just a little bit to add more body.


Ponytail Hairstyles – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s stylists used two hair elastics to make ponytail hairstyle even higher – you can use this trick too! Be careful through, do not wear this ponytail hairstyle to the work because it looks too simple, girly and unprofessional. Smooth low pony tail will look much better in office. To make ponytail hairstyles look trendy, use a glamorous hair elastic and curl strands.

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Ponytail Hairstyles – Nicole Kidman

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