14 Times People Got Revenge In The Most Spectacularly Petty Way Possible

Revenge is a dish best served petty! (special thanks to ​Mike)

1. When you have guests you don’t like:

2. When you have crappy customers:

3. And when you have crappy servers:

4. When a car takes up two parking spaces:

5. When someone cheats on you:

6. And when your partner annoys you:

7. When your neighbor’s dog won’t shut up:

8. When someone messes with your clothes at the laundromat:

9. When someone beats your top score:

10. When your suitemate is inconsiderate:

11. When people sitting near you are rude:

12. When a co-worker keeps using your coffee creamer:

13. When someone steals your damn phone:

14. And when someone is, well, a dick:


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