Oily Scalp and Greasy Hair

Oily Hair Remedies

Hair is not actually oily. Oil produced by the scalp makes it look oily and dirty. Usually, an oily scalp will appear during teen years when oil glands start to work extensively. You can determine whether you have an oily scalp using tissue-paper. Two days after shampooing your hair press a piece of tissue-paper against your scalp. If your scalp is oily the tissue-paper will have an oily stain on it. You can check this easily by holding the tissue up to a strong light and looking through it.

Sometimes the oily sheen can appear on their hair as early as 5-6 hours after an individual has applied shampoo. Most of the time the oil sheen from an oily scalp will appear on the hair the second day after shampoo is applied.

Oily scalp conditions and dandruff will increase the rate of hair loss. This happens because oil that is produced by the scalp covers dead skin cells, becomes a film and closes oxygen  access to the hair roots. It causes anoxaemia and leads to hair loss.

Oily scalp conditions will usually go together with oily dandruff.  How do you find out if you have dandruff? Scratch your scalp with a nail. If you have dandruff you will see a slightly oily grey mass under your nail. For more information about dandruff read here.

On the following page, you will find information about oily hair shampoos and many tips.

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