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Hair salon and many beauty services for only $1 Sounds good? Now let’s see how!

Everyone likes the idea of saving money, but not everybody knows where to look for the best money-saving hidden deals, coupons and giveaways. If you’re wondering how to find the best deals, here Ibring an easy way to shave dollars off your regular purchases.

Smash into, the new start-up that will help you discover the hidden deals, discounts and benefits that are available to you.

The purpose of is to help people SAVE MONEY (by discovering services at unbelievable prices) and SAVE TIME (by viewing all the important details without having to waste time looking for these services yourself).

Furthermore, users can see real ratings and reviews, and even check – real-time  – weather in the required service area.


How Does NearMe Manage to do That?

  1. Over the last 2 years, NearMe’s team collected data from businesses via making phone calls with the support ofan extensive team of telephone operators.
  2. These business owners then listed their businesses on NearMe to promote them free of cost.


How Does It Work?

NearMe is a search engine. It pulls, and then publishes, its data by crawling the web and scanning relevant information into its database for monitoring and verification.It is just another way of presenting the contents that are already available.

Pros of NearMe

  • Indeed, NearMe is the world’s #1 social shopping comparison engine for local& international deals and giveaways. Hundreds of categories& sub-categories are added for all kinds of deals, whichhelps you to pick the best deal for you.
  • In technological categories like SEO, software development, etc., you can get results from all over the world and find the desired service at astonishing prices.
  • NearMe covers lots of services offered by different businesses – most of them free or starting at $1.
  • You can find nail salons, spas, hair salons, skin care, tanning salons, and many more, offering their servicefor only $ 1.
  • On NearMe, you will find updated prices, a variety of discounts and hot sales not found anywhere else on the Internet.
  • life detects your location automatically and shows you the businessesoffering hot deals, sales & giveawaysnear you.
  • Searching on NearMe is very easy and simple; you get thousands of deals just by writing the service you desire and hitting the ‘Search’button.

Importance of NearMe for the Online Business Community:

Business owners can promote their businesses and grow their customersby submitting their business listing.It helps the businesses to build a loyal cliental that can find them easily, track updates and promotions on their behalf, recommend their services to friends and create a real thrill.

No more spending huge dollars on publishing your offers on other online platforms, is here, go and create account and enlist your business on our database&start submitting your offers.

Is free and always will be.


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