Messy Updo

Messy Updo

Perfect for special occasions or a night out, the messy updo is one of the best hairstyles you can work with. This style provides the style and sophistication of an updo hairstyle, while keeping the overall look simple and flirty.  Remember, when it comes to the messy updo there are no rules set in stone.


There are as many ways to create it as there are updo styles. There are many specific updo styles that can be adapted to a messy updo hairstyle. In short, almost any updo will do when it comes to creating this artistic hairstyle. This simple and effective style does not require perfection in its creation, though it is important not to allow the hair to become too messy.


Messy Updo

The first thing you need to do in order to style a messy updo is to use a hair care product that is designed to add volume to your hair. Add this product to your towel dried hair. Then use a large paddle or barrel brush to pull your hair away from your head. You can use a little heat along the roots for maximum volume if you like. Alternatively, flip-drying, can be used. You can perform this action by bending over and drying your hair while it is flipped over the top of your head. A curly version of the messy updo can be achieved by using a curling iron on the ends of your hair. If you use this version please be certain that the hair product you used is a heat protecting one.

Messy Updo


Now gather up your hair as though you intend to create a ponytail then secure the gathered hair with an elastic band. Wrap the hair around the elastic band then secure the mass with pins. The messy updo can be completed by pulling, or leaving a few hairs out while you smooth the gathered mass with your hands or a wide toothed comb.

Once your messy updo is completed you can add personal touches by spraying it with holding products to help provide an improved shine and shimmer. Similar actions include adding flyaways to the front in order to provide a cute, whimsical look and nice messy updo.

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