Medium Length Hair Styles

Medium Length Hairstyles
You want your hair short enough to have a cute, defined hairstyle, but you still want to be able to pull it back into a quick ponytail. Perhaps you’re growing out your hair, but want to look good in the process. A medium-length hairstyle will fit the bill. There are a number of new, super-cute medium length hairstyles to choose from. Before you choose, consider what type of hair you have. Is it fine and wispy, thick, curly, or straight? Choose a style that will work well with your hair type and complement your face.


Think Farrah Faucet, then fast-forward to 2012. A side part gives way to a side-swept bang, which trickles down into a layered, wavy, chin or shoulder-length look. It’s glamorous and sultry. Style wet hair with a blow dryer and a round brush, or ensure a style that holds by using a large-barrel curling iron.

Wavy Bob

Show Me Your Bangs

Let your personality shine by going back to a nice, short bang that falls just to the eyebrow. Use a middle part, letting the longer locks fall symmetrically down each side. Soften the look with large, soft curls.

Bob with Fringe


Straighten Your Locks

Keep your look classic and professional with a nice, sleek bob. Long layers blend into each other seamlessly, then end abruptly anywhere between your chin and shoulders. Own a long, side-swept bang, grow them longer, or cut them across your forehead. Style with a large round brush and hair dryer to add volume.

Sleek bob

Spunk it Up

A fun, flirty style lets a tighter curl show off a bit. Pair a sleek, side-swept bang with a side part, then let it all fall down into cascading curls. The look is carefree and easy. Use plenty of styling product to keep curls molded through the entire day.

Side parting bob

Pin Your Hair

Since your locks are still long enough to pull back, why not try the half-back? Pull just half of your locks back and secure with a fun clip. Let the rest of your locks lie flat for a put-together look that’s suitable for the office or the nightclub.

Half Updo Bob

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