Latest Hairstyles For Black Women at Summer 2018

Summer is not the best time for Afro-American hair types. All those frizzy, thick, curly, heavy and big hairstyles don’t allow us to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time. Today we have decided to do some research in the field of Afro-American hairstyles to find out the best hairstyles for black women in summer 2018. If you want to make an fashion hairstyle, you have to have hair extensions, here, i recommend that you choose Malaysian Hair. If you belong to the group of women embraced by that hair type, then stay with us to learn the secrets of cozy and stylish looks for summer.

Short Pixie Haircut

So, the number one haircut idea you can choose for summer 2018 is the short pixie cut.

It’s the most convenient haircut trend that suits black women and allows them to enjoy summers with all their warmth. Luckily, pixie cuts work with all hair types and everyone can opt for the most suitable version according to their face shape and current hair state.

Consider the biggest short hair moments of many black celebrities including Halle Berry, Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, Eva Pigford etc. they have all gone for glamourous pixie haircuts and can show you how to deal them to make more fashionable. Don’t forget about matching shades and highlights.


Short Bob Haircut

Another short and comfy haircut for black women is the bob style. Even the curliest and most textured bob is trendy in 2018. Moreover, women with natural curls can showcase the charm of their locks with this fresh cut. In case, you want to keep it frizz-free, opt for straight bobs with blunt tips. Work on your hair color to add more interest to the simple bob. From layered bobs to tousled styles, choose the bob haircut that’s low-maintenance for summer 2018. Celebrities like Kerry Washington, Jourdan Dunn, Ciara, BeyoncĂ© will help you in your choice of the right bob haircut for your hair and face.

Havana Twist Bun

If short cuts are not yours then perhaps you are looking for stylish updo hairstyles to keep your hair out of the face on hot summer days.

What about Havana twist bun?

  • Havana twists are beautiful hairstyles and they usually suit everyone with Afro-American hair type.
  • Of course, you can choose colored options, but the result is always elegant and very comfortable for casual days.
  • Some beauties prefer rocking Havana twists in half-updo hairstyles on long hair.
  • You can recreate Havana twists with smaller and cuter sections. The best thing about them is that they are appropriate for any occasions and you can choose them as summer party hairdos too.

Cornrow Braids

One of the most popular Afro-American hairstyles that never leave the fashion world is cornrow braids. They have become requested between European women too. Nowadays, we see more and more stylish girls with cornrow braids and they become popular especially in summer. It is seen among many black celebrities too that’s why it continues to be a big hair trend for black ladies. You can combine cornrow braids both with downdo and updo hairstyles and stay so comfy during the whole summer. Choose high ponytails, half-updos, low and high buns for the complete look.

Faux Locs

While some wear updo hairstyles others try faux locs as a fun and interesting transformation for summer 2018. In this case, you can refer to stunning human hair extensions with beautiful shine and texture. Faux locs are very feminine and attractive. They can bring out your ravishing charm. You are welcome to style them in a variety of styles from high ponytails to simple and cute braids. Dreadlocks are the most popular styles that black women match with faux locs. A lot depends on your own fantasy and creativity when it comes to trendy hairstyles created on faux locs.


A Pop of Color

It is obvious that there are many black women who like their natural hair the way it is and don’t seek for major changes to stay comfy in summer.

All they need is a stylish touch. Let’s do that with the help of trendy hair colors like light brown, golden brown, honey brown and light blonde. Even the lightest platinum blonde looks fantastic on Afro-American hair because it creates a cool and unique contrast between dark skin and light hair. This combination is bold enough, and if you want a subtler idea, then go for brownish tones or some highlights according to your skin tone, eye hue and base hair color.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Half-knots, half-buns and simple half-updo hairstyles are summer 2018’s hair trends for medium to long-haired black women. They are chic and girlish hairdos that keep front strands out of the face and allow you to draw attention to your eyes and facial features. So, wear stylish makeups with half-updos. Use hair oils to make the top and side parts of your hair flat and sleek enough for the best frizz-free look. After reading this article, i think of you will know what’s you want hairstyle, you can go to this hair online shop, you will find all kinds of high quality hair extensions include cheap Brazilian Hair Bundles. You can use those hair extensions to make your beautiful hairstyle.

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