Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions: Are They Worth It?

Many people find that the ability to quickly change the look of their hair is crucial to expressing their individuality. Unlike weaves, braids, or glue in extensions these types of hair product can be added and removed in a few simple steps. The Jessica Simpson hair extensions brand of clip ins are affordable, high-quality, synthetic pieces. These  hair extensions mimic real hair but provide the durability and ease of use that synthetic materials offer. Jessica Simpsons hair extensions are also less expensive than high-end natural human hair.

jessica simpson hair extensions

Why use Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions Clip ins?

These clip in hair extensions are well constructed, fabulous to behold, and of excellent quality. They allow for a layered look while adding volume and style for a reasonable price. Unlike cheap synthetics, these items look and feel real to the casual observer. They maintain their body and appearance for a reasonable amount of time, and look simply gorgeous when worn appropriately. There are few other clip in brands that actively rival this line for those who see long hair extensions with lots of body.

jessica simpson hair extensions 2011

How Much Do Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost of these Jessica Simpson hair extensions will vary in different locations. Typically they run the gamut from $29 for a small top piece such as bangs or one of the well known ponytail styles up to $100 for a (1pc) 20-inch soft wave clip in extension. The median range for these Jessica Simpson hair extensions is $60 to $80 and includes many long pieces that are simply gorgeous. The cost for having Jessica Simpson hair extensions professionally installed will often be more than the cost of the hair. This has lead many people to add them personally due to the ease of using clip ins.

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