Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Which Hollywood celebrity has the best hair? Of course  Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston hairstylesJennifer Aniston  Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston

It will not be a surprise if she has an insurance on her hair. Her locks always look shiny, healthy, well cared and to die for. How to archive Jennifer Aniston’s hair look? Hair shine directly depends on your own health. New generation ways to great hair contain beauty supplements for instance Hair and Nails two-month beauty supply from Imedeen, it has a great formula specially designed for hair and nails.

Imedeen Hair and Nails supplement
Hair and Nails beaty supplement by Imedeen

Jennifer Aniston did not look always so perfect! Take a look at Jen’s evolution!

Jennifer AnistonJennifer AnistonJennifer AnistonJennifer AnistonJennifer AnistonJennifer AnistonJennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston

How to archive Jennifer Aniston hairstyle? Most of the time Jen has straight hair, so you will need hair straighteners and do not forget heat protection products! Also you can use hair shine serum. It will be better if hair shine serum already contains heat protection otherwise you risk to over load your hair with hair products. Regularly do home hair treatments and deep conditioning to archive smooth locks. Spend money on professional colourist to archive perfect colour for your skin tone that will brighten your complexion.

What to do if your hair looks dull?

Dull or tired hair look is a permanent condition and can be treated! Just follow this easy steps

1. Use special repairing hair products. Do home hair treatments. Do not brush wet hair it makes them stretch and break.

2. Do not use hair dryer. Use very light foams and serums for styling. Do not use wax, gel and styling clay at all.

3. Brush your hair for hours with natural bristle brush, it delivers scalp oil (natural conditioner) along the full hair length and restores your hair shine. If you need styling, prefer rollers.

4. Use hair clips and hair bands, make top knots and braids – these styles are perfect for weak hair.

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