Japanese Hair Straightening – Pros and Cons

Permanent Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening is one part hair style and one part art form and is known both as Japanese straightening and as thermal reconditioning. There are several pros and cons that are part of having this procedure performed. It is important that these concepts be weighed carefully before undergoing the procedure as the results are typically permanent.

This method of hair straightening hair involves high heat, chemicals, and a flat iron to straighten curly or unruly hair. Unlike similar treatments, such as Brazilian keratin treatments and typical chemical relaxers, the end result will last much longer. It generally only requires minimal touch-ups once per year.

How Does The Straightening Process Work?

Thermal reconditioning with a Japanese hair straightener will take between 4 -5 hours depending on the length of hair that must be straightened. Japanese straightening is a technique that causes wavy, frizzy, or curly hair to be rendered perfectly straight. During the procedure the molecular bonds within the hair are softened and reformed into a straight pattern. Once the process is completed the end result includes not only incredibly straight hair, but a smooth, silky, and glossy finish.

Japanese Hair Straightening


This hair treatment has many wonderful reasons for usage that cause it to be recommended highly. People with curly or unruly hair often swear by the procedure due to the fabulous end result.

* This procedure offers a type of permanent hair straightening. Further straightening is only required in the locations of new hair growth. Typically, this will only be necessary once every six to nine months.

* Your hair will become glossy, sleek, and incredible to behold. It will also be much easier to manage compared to the curly or wavy locks the individual had previously.

* Due to the flat nature of the hair after the procedure it will rarely require blow drying in order to provide a sleek look.


Despite the awesome hair an individual will sport after this procedure, the negative points of the process are numerous.

* The procedure is expensive in both time and money. A typical session will last between four and five hours for medium length hair. Hair that is longer or shorter may take more or less time depending on the situation. The cost for having your hair straightened professionally may run anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

* The texture and type of hair that many African Americans have may not respond well to this process. While it will work well with some, others may find that the money may have been better spent on chemical relaxers.

* It may be quite a challenge to regain any type of body or volume to the hair once the process is complete. This procedure works wonders for straightening hair, but it leaves few styles available for usage afterword.

* It is very important the hair stylist performing the procedure has a great deal of experience in its performance. The chemicals and high heat may break or damage the hair otherwise.

Japanese Hair Straightening

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