How To Style Medium Length Hair

how to style medium lenght hair

Experimenting with different styles for medium length hair can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. Medium length hair is very versatile and with some practice, you will be able to style medium length hair into casual or sophisticated hairstyles. No matter which style you choose to style your medium length hair, you should make sure that it is first voluminous and very clean. If your hair is thin and lifeless, use hair products such as volumizers to create curls, crimps or stylish waves.

You might also want to consider a stylish, trendy updo, which can be created in a number of styles, from loose and casual, to super sleek and formal. Although creating the perfect updo requires some practice and skill, with a little time, you’ll soon master the technique. To start, pull your hair back in a loose ponytail and slick it back with styling gel. You can also create a great French twist by creating a twisted bun that can rest on the nape of your neck or place it high on the center of your head. Maintaining your hair in a straight, sleek style exudes class and confidence, while adding a trendy touch.

The bob style is also very classic, and combines well with medium length hair. A simple, precise bob haircut will impart shine and swing to your hair, while portraying a classic, simple look. Bob styles can be created to look modern, trendy or even retro. By curling your bob style under, you can achieve a retro look, and by maintaining a blunt, straight edge, go for the up-to-the-minute trendy look.

Another way to add shine and volume to your medium length hair is to bend at the waist when blow drying your hair. Drying your hair while focusing on the roots, will also add substantial volume. Finish your style by using a glossing product on the surface of your hair, as this will add shine without weighing down your hairstyle.

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How To Style Medium Length Hair

How To Style Medium Length Hair

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