How to Prevent and Eliminate Static Hair

how to prevent hair static

Nothing can ruin a great hairstyle like static electricity. After putting so much work into your hair, it can be maddening to have static electricity come along and ruin it all. Although the issue can arise during just about any time of year, it’s especially problematic during the winter, when the air is extremely dry. Moisture is the key to fighting back against static hair, so keep that in mind while checking out the following tips.

Wash Away Static Electricity

Dry, brittle hair is a lot more susceptible to static electricity. You can lay the groundwork for avoiding the worst static hair problems by treating it properly while in the shower. As mentioned above, moisturizing your hair is key. Therefore, you should always use conditioner. Shampoos strip natural oils out of the hair and make it dry. High-quality conditioners add moisture back to the hair and help to weigh it down. The best conditioners add just enough weight to control static electricity without making the hair look limp and lifeless.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo a Few Times a Month

Over time, buildup can wreak havoc on your hair. After a while, even the best conditioners are unable to add beneficial moisture. That’s why you need to use a clarifying shampoo at least twice a month. Make sure to follow it up with a high-quality conditioner too.

Heat-Protecting Products Keep Static Hair at Bay

The blow dryer is a wonderful tool, but it can suck away all of the moisture that you added to your hair while showering. To keep that from happening, you should invest in a decent heat-protecting product. They are available as sprays, serums and lotions, so experiment with a few different kinds. The right one will seal in moisture so that you can dry your hair without making it prone to flyways and other issues.

How to Ward Off Static Hair throughout the Day

Despite your best efforts in the shower and while styling your hair, you may end up with flyaways and other hair-raising problems. By carrying a few simple items with you, you’ll be able to nip them in the bud right away. Buy a small bottle of lightweight hand lotion. When your hair becomes unruly, apply a fine layer to your hands and run them through your hair. You can also use fabric softener sheets to tame unruly hair. Just run one lightly across your hair to add a little weight. That’s all there is to it!

Dress Appropriately

Shoes that are made out of rubber, PVC and other man-made materials conduct electricity. Stick with leather shoes to prevent embarrassing static electricity problems. If you’re going to wear a hat, wrap your head in a silk scarf first. It creates a barrier that reduces the risk of “hat head” and reduces the friction that can create static electricity.

Make Static Hair a Thing of the Past

There’s no need to put up with static hair. By keeping these simple tips in mind, your hair will always look smooth, sleek and stylish.

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