How to Organize Your Hair Accessories in a Small Bathroom

Are you always knocking stuff off of the sink, struggling to stay organized, and dreading waking up every morning to comb through hair clips, scrunchies, bobby pins, and hair bands? So are we. Even on days when you just want to throw your hair up in a ponytail, you need to find your hair bands first. That’s why we took the time to research some of the best ways to organize our bathrooms, from spacious homes, to studio apartments, so that we’re not fumbling around looking for hair accessories.

  1. The Hair Band Carabiner

This D-shaped device works wonders for all sorts of unconventional uses. Did you know you can loop it around plastic grocery bag handles to carry multiple bags at once? Even better, you can use this climbing tool to clip around all of your elastic hairbands. Just put it in a drawer or hang it from a hook and you’ll never search all over for a hairband again.

  1. The Hair Clip Organizer

This one can not only help you keep your hair clips in order, but it’ll also help you display them decoratively. Take a length of ribbon, and then fold one end of it to create a loop. Next, safety pin the loop in place. Install an easily-removable adhesive hook, then hang the ribbon loop by the hook and clip all your hair clips along it. Your collection is now easy to find and on full display.

  1. The Magnetic Strip

Simple and easy, a magnetic strip can save you time and money. A magnetic strip with adhesive backing can be secured with tacks or attached with Velcro for added durability. Now, just stick barrettes, bobby pins, and hair bands onto the strip and never lose them again.

  1. Fresh Storage

Want minty fresh breath and a place to store your bobby pins? Use an empty Tic-Tac container. You can put a variety of hair accessories, earrings, and more right inside, and it’s a great way to recycle a product you already use.

  1. The Toilet Paper Tube

The uses for an old roll of toilet paper to conserve space in a modern apartment seem endless, from storing cables inside to storing headbands outside. Simply wrap scrunchies and headbands around the tube and you’ll keep your accessories organized and within reach.

  1. Use Drawer Sorters

I already use large drawer sorters to separate my socks and underwear, so I thought why not do the same for my hair products? You can use smaller sorters in a large jewelry box to keep expensive jewelry or easily-tangled items away from all of your hair accessories.

  1. The Bobby Pin Mint Tin

If you don’t use Tic-Tacs, surely you’ve used Altoids or another tin-container mint. Simply place bobby pins in the empty tin container for safe storage.

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