How to make dyed red hair redder

Red hair can be very vibrant if you take care of it right. You probably have noticed though if you dye your hair red, it does fade quickly. This doesn’t have to be the case though if you follow the following step on the best long last red hair color. In the following description, we will show you how to make your red dye job last longer.

red hair

Step 1: Make Sure You Use the Right Dye

There’s no sense in spending money to dye your hair red if you don’t know what you’re getting into. If you have blond hair, the red color will show up vibrant. You will get bright red. If you have dark hair, your hairstylist might have to bleach or lighten your hair first if you want a true red, not just red tones.

Doing this process at home can work too, but it’s better to use professional-grade dyes. These are dyes that you mix developer and color to get the shade. These professional-level dyes are becoming widespread and available to general consumers. If you have a chance, get a pro dye to save your hair damage and to get a more predictable result.

Step 2: Watch if It’s Permanent or Semi

When it comes to your dye, you will want to make sure that it is permanent if you want your dye to last the longest. A demi-permanent will stay on for a certain number of washes, and then it will wash out. When you get a permanent dye, you will not have to do a touch up again until it grows out. If you do a temporary color, be aware that this one will wash out almost right away. You should get a permanent color for long-lasting results.

Step 3: Wash Your Hair with the Right Products

Your hair color will only last as long as the products that you use. It would be best if you used a color, saving shampoo and conditioner for best results. The line also needs to be professional. When it comes to these products, the cheaper drug store versions will undoubtedly save you money. However, you will pay for it because they will strip the color. The pH levels are higher, and this means they open and close the cuticle of the hair. This is precisely where the dye is deposited. The salon-quality shampoos and conditioners are different in that they’re meant to go in and out without causing the hair shaft to expand. The delicate and deliberate pH levels will preserve the integrity of your hair as well as the color.

Step 4: Avoid The Sun

The sun will always lighten hair up. It will change your color and make it duller. If you must be in the sun, then use a hat. You can also apply a hair sunscreen. These smart products protect your hair. Make sure that you reapply the product if you get your hair wet. All in all, you need to avoid the sun to get the best results. Sun babies, however, should use hair sunscreen.


As you can see, a lot of this is just common sense. However, unless you are educated about hair, it’s hard to know what to do. There are a plethora of products out there, each promising different things. If you stick to the tried and true methods, you will have the best long lasting red hair color that you can have. Your hair color is an investment so keep it protected through these practices. 

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