How to Get Healthy Hair

Healthy hair

Your hair speaks volumes about who you are. Shiny, beautiful tresses indicate to everyone who sees you that you live a healthy, vibrant life and that you take great care of yourself in general. Though getting and maintaining healthy hair is incredibly important, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these simple steps will, over time, ensure that your hair grows healthily and looks as great as you’ll feel.

• Cleanse Properly and Avoid Overwashing

Though shampooing and conditioning are necessary aspects of proper cleansing, it is important to remember that each shower session robs your hair of the precious oils that keep it sleek and smooth. Unless you utilize lots of styling products every day, you shouldn’t need to wash your hair daily. A thorough washing every other day or every two days should be sufficient, allowing your scalp to produce adequate oil and keeping your locks looking great.

• Don’t Fry Yourself Frizzy

Dry, damaged hair loses its luster and looks frizzy in any weather. Excessive use of heat can lead to this common problem, but fortunately, the fix is rather simple. Avoid blow drying, curling and flat ironing when possible and, when these styling tools are necessary, apply a smoothing heat protectant pomade or spray when hair is still damp. Be sure to keep your blow dryer at least eight inches from your hair at all times, as this will reduce the amount of damage done each time you dry.

• Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair

Extremely stringent diets can cause a whole host of problems, including hair thinning and breakage. Protein and Omega-3 fatty acids provide your follicles with the fuel they need to produce strong, healthy hair. Supplements can help, but the best way to be sure that you’re getting enough of these vital elements is to incorporate the right foods into your diet. Avocados, salmon, tuna, eggs, nuts and legumes are only a few of the super foods that boost your hair’s health and beauty.

• Deep Condition to Repair and Prevent Damage

If you suffer from dry, brittle strands or split ends, a thorough deep oil treatment may turn out to be just what the doctor ordered. While these processes should not be used daily or as a replacement for normal cleansing, they can serve to mend severe damage without a trip to the salon.

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