How To Dye Hair – Myths About Hair Dyeing

How to Dye Hair
You would like to refresh your style for the season, but you are afraid to dye your hair? Sounds familiar? Let us discuss the reasons of our fears.

I am afraid to damage my hair

If you are seriously afraid to damage your hair, do not even think to dye it at home. When dying in hair salon ask to use semi permanent hair dye (such dyes damage hair less because they do not get too deep into hair structure). If you prefer stable  dying, choose modern dyes with caring components that softens negative influence of ammonia and add shine to hair.  It is important to use special caring hair products for dyed hair right away after dying (shampoo, conditioner and a weekly hair mask for dyed hair), while styling use heat protective product. For even better carrying, book in hair salon for color restore procedures  and your hair will look perfect.

Hair dying is very expensive.

This one is true. Dying hair in a really good salon can cost you a small fortune. But there is a way out. Many hair salons have discount promotions from time to time – spy on them and do not lose your chance. Use Internet discount sites like that give you a chance to get up to 80% discount. However, your first hair dying  should be spent on because the new color for you should be chosen by a real pro.

Dyes are full of chemicals.

Ok clear, you have ammonia phobia. There are ammonia free dyes for your service – INOA by Loreal  if you dye at salon and Essential Color by Schwarzkopf if you dye at home. If you need to lighten your hair on 2-3 tones, usual hydrogen peroxide will do the job.

Dying hair by yourself is a hassle.

Oh no of course  it is not a hassle. Millions of women do it. The thing is you need to get prepared. Everything you need to dye hair should be near (gloves, cup to mix dye, brush, comb and timer). Cover the floor with old newspapers, wear the clothes you do not value, apply moisturizer on your hair line and ears – if dye will come on skin you can easily clean it. For ideal result use a mousse hair dye – it is easier to dye all hair evenly with it.

When you dye hair yourself the result is always a surprise.

Well, it is true. Even a very experienced hair stylist cannot give 100% guaranty of the color. It is because the result color depends on many things (precise dye mixing, hair condition before the dying, hair structure, using medication, etc.) Women who dye hair the same color for years will tell you that every time the color is a little bit different. When dying hair at home, do not make the goals that you cannot archive – dye hair step by step (not more that two tones at once). To be totally sure, dye a small lock behind your ear. If you do not like the color, you can always hide it.

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