How to Cut Hair at Home

How to Cut Hair DIY

How to cut hair on your own is the most commonly asked questions online. While the rising prices of the hair professionals are getting in your nerves, trying your own hand in some stylish haircut is indeed possible with some simple steps to learn and develop. However, learning how to cut hair at home is not a simple job, and requires little understanding of the cutting techniques and the hairstyles. If you are a newbie in this haircutting business, it is better to start off with simple haircuts at first, and when you gradually develop the skills, you can try some more trendy and complicated haircut on you. There are certain basics to how to cut hair on your own, and these tricks can essentially prevent your costly trips to the hair salons.

 How to Cut Hair Video Tutorial

To start with the process of how to cut hair on your own, you will need certain important things:

  • * A sharp-toothed single facing comb
  • * A sharp cutting scissors. Get the size that is convenient for you to hold and cut. You can also get the specialized hair-cutting scissors similar to that of the salons to make the process of how to cut hair all the more easier.
  • * Two mirrors, one at the front; the other removable one to see the back of your hair
  • * Clippers and shears to hold the hair back while cutting a particular strand
  • * A spray bottle of water

How to Cut Hair at Home - DIY

Having these materials handy with you, you can start with how to cut hair on your own at home. Make sure that your hair is freshly shampooed and tangle-free.

 How to Cut Hair Video Tutorial

  • * It is easier to run the scissors on wet hair rather than dry brittle hair. So, before starting a cut, dampen your hair with the spray bottle of water. Comb your hair all through, every strand, from the scalp right down to the hair length to untangle any knot.
  • * Try simple cuts to start with how to cut hair on your own. The most convenient one will be one length all through the hair. Decide on the overall length of your hair; if needed measure it, and how much you would like to cut. Don’t cut too short in the first try.

  • * Now work on small sections of your hair to learn how to cut hair. Take each section at a time and secure the remaining hair with a clipper. Take a sharp tooth comb and straight out the hair section right from the scalp, and hold it tightly between your middle and index fingers.
  • * Measure the length that you desire to keep, and carefully snip off the extra inches. Make sure that your fingers go straight while cutting, and try to avoid dissimilar lengths while practicing how to cut hair.

  • * Repeat this process until you have cut all your hair. Now look into the rear mirror to have a view of hair length at the back of the head. Snip off carefully any dissimilar lengths, and get the same length and texture for the entire hair.
  • * Another great tip to how to cut hair on your own at home is to lean over, and comb the entire wet hair complete straight forward. Smooth the tangled sections with your fingers or with the comb, and cut the hair in one straight line all across. Work in small sections from side to the other. Stand upright and check whether the style is looking pretty on your or not.

  • * Finally, in learning how to cut hair, part your hair from the middle, and comb it down straight. Hold small sections smoothly between your middle and index fingers, and snip off carefully any extra inch.

How to Cut Hair at Home - DIY

Learn how to cut hair on your own at home, and get that stunning hairstyle without paying a penny from the pocket.

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