How to Rock Killer Hair With Any Face Shape

There are several primary shapes that the human face appears in. Each of these shapes works the best with a specific type of hairstyle concept. Whatever style of hair is chosen, it is important to take hair thickness and texture into consideration as well. By utilizing these criteria you will be able to choose the hairstyle that suits you the best!

High Forehead Hairstyles

There is nothing wrong with having a large forehead. Two excellent hairstyles for this face type include wearing bangs or a short layered look that reaches to roughly chin length. The former choice works the best with hair that is not too thick or curly. The latter style works for anyone with a large forehead. It takes weight off the hair allowing it to have more body. Solange is a notable celebrity with this face shape.


Heart Shaped Face Hair Styles

The heart shaped face is another type of facial structure that works well with bangs. Full bangs are a good look for many people. If the full-length bangs do not work there is always the side swept look, mixed with layers that will fall around the cheeks look amazing as well. A well known celebrity with a heart shaped face is Victoria Beckham.



Hairstyles for Oval Faces

With an oval face almost any hairstyle may work for you. Avoid wearing high hairstyles. The oval face is best suited to hair that hangs down instead of the upswept look. Kim Kardashian has a very noteworthy oval face.


Pixie Hairstyle

It is quite common for ladies to have small delicate features and are often called “pixies”. It is best to wear a short, sassy, hairdo when you have these features. These styles accentuate the positives as much as possible. Winona Ryder practically pioneered the pixie hair craze in 1997.



Hairstyles for Round Faces

This type of face requires the creation of contrast to bring out its true beauty. Go with a layered look that is short in front but long in the back! Avoid full bangs! The key is to open up the face and make it seem to be longer due to the lack of sharp angles. Kirsten Dunst has a noteworthy round face.


Hairstyles for Square Faces

Avoid straight cut styles or anything with sharp edges. The key to dealing with a square face is movement. You want to draw the attention of a viewer’s eye to the entire head. A sweeping style with layers adds softness to your look. Jessica Simpson has a beautiful square face.


Big Nose Hairstyles

A lot of people have them and few know what to do about them. They key to dealing with an ugly or obvious nose is to draw attention away from it. Avoid any style that places emphasis on the center line of the face, such as a center part. Work to create extra volume around the hair line. A side part will detract from the nose while providing a better view of your other assets. Sarah Jessica Parker has a well known ugly nose.



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