Hairstyles of Games of Thrones

GoT Hairstyle Collage

A major trend that’s been around since 2011, braids are still a go-to look to help beat the summer heat. Fishtail, waterfall, French, crown, boho and other variations on the popular braid have been spotted on runways, celebrities, fashion elite, and anyone who wants a pretty and fanciful, yet practical style to keep hair away from the face and neck.

These pretty plaits can be elegant and sophisticated enough for a wedding or formal affair, or laidback and thrown-together for a trip to the flea market. However, at some point braid fatigue sets in—there are only so many different ways of weaving hair together that you can do. If you’re running out of ideas for braid how-tos, don’t fret—we found a new source of inspiration.

Hairstyles of the ladies of Game of ThronesClick here to see the bigger size of the image

The Game of Thrones, HBO’s recent foray into the fantasy world, features many beautiful, powerful, and well-coiffed women. Flowing long locks, detailed braids, stunning half updos are just some of the hairstyles that begging to be copied off the TV screen and onto your head. Luckily, this is one fantasy you can make a reality. This detailed infographic by Healthy Hair Plus breaks down the steps on some of the featured styles on Game of Thrones so you can DIY it at home.

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