Hairstyles for Wavy Hair


There are many hairstyles for wavy hair due to the versatility of these types of locks. Many hair dressers find that working with fine wavy hair can provide an easy medium for experimenting in the creation of bold new hairstyles.Hairstyles for wavy hair can be created through several means. This type of hair can be straightened, tightened, loosened into curls, layered for more dynamic haircuts and it is fairly easy to press into a specific shape. The natural wave in your hair will give it a type of body that is both casual and high in volume. This is something that naturally straight hair simply cannot achieve without a lot of styling before hand.

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair


Thick wavy hair can be a bit more challenging to style. When compared to those with fine hair, thick wavy hair can be difficult to style when it’s shorter. Due to its thickness shorter styles will have a tendency toward looking like a scrub-pad or simply unattractive. There are hairstyles for wavy hair that is thick, however.


One of the more dynamic ways of styling fine wavy hair will involve a layered look. A layered cut will bring out the most in your naturally wavy hair. A hairdresser with talent and an artistic flair will normally love to work with this styling option because it can be used to easily add in a bit of dramatic style and overall charisma to your look.

Thick hair can be a slight problem, however there are many tips and hairstyles for wavy hair that can be used to avoid scrub-pad head syndrome when you have thick wavy hair. There are short hairstyles that do work well with thick wavy hair. Some people are surprised to discover that cutting their long, thick, wavy hair will lead to it becoming cute and curly.

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

If these Marcel waves, as they were called in the 1920s, are something that interests you they can be achieved with a little teasing from the crown of the head. Make sure your hair is wet, and that you use a fine-toothed comb. The Marcel wave came about when ladies with hip-length hair learned that after having their hair bobbed natural curls would appear. This made setting their hair a great deal easier to manage.

If a modern take on hairstyles for wavy hair is on the agenda when it comes to your thick locks then once again a layered look will be the way to go. Wavy hair and layers always go well together. One exceptional use of layered hair for thick wavy locks will include twisting the hair back with shiny pins in order to get an elegant look that has the perfect slightly tousled look for day or night time wear.

When it comes to hairstyles for wavy hair one of the best styles overall is simply to let it be what it naturally desires. Grow your hair shoulder length or slightly longer and perform minor maintenance on it. This will allow for a super natural look that many people have to actually pay to achieve. Use your imagination in styling hairstyles for wavy hair.

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