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One of the quickest and most drastic ways to revamp your look is by changing your hair color. There are seemingly endless ways to color your hair, and the change of the season may leave you itching to switch things up. However, in many cases changing a hair color is best handled by a professional. To avoid potential disaster, it is best to consult a hair stylist before you dye your hair, especially if you are making a drastic change. A hair stylist can also make suggestions based on your skin tone, eye and eyebrow colors. Here are a few hot hair color trends you may want to try this summer.

If you are looking to simply get a fresh update for your hair this summer but aren’t ready to completely change your hair color, highlights or lowlights could be for you. You hair stylist will dye a few small sections of hair a shade that is lighter than your natural color. This instantly adds dimension and freshness to an otherwise ho-hum hair color. Highlights can be done fairly simply at home as well, and many at-home dye boxes have highlights already added into their color.


Honey Blonde
Honey blonde, a shade smack dab between platinum blonde and brunette, is a perfect way to burst out of that winter rut for summer. Adding different shades of blonde and brown add chicness and dimension to your hair. This is a great laid back look with not too much maintenance required, although glossing your hair between touch-ups helps keep your color in tip-top shape. This hair color is also best if your natural hair color is mousey or light brown.

Hair Color Ideas Honey Blonde


A vibrant, hardly-ever-found-in-nature red hair color is easily seen on almost everyone nowadays. This trend is daring and bold, but surprisingly almost everyone can pull it off. The trick? Finding the right shade of red to match your skin tone. (Hey, Rihanna did it, why not you?) As mentioned earlier, it is best to consult a professional hair stylist—if you don’t, you run the risk of ending up with an orange head! Having red hair also requires a fair amount of maintenance—it is very hard to conceal root growth when your hair is so vibrant.

Hair Color Ideas Red

A fun and interesting trend taking root this summer is delicately shaded pastel hair colors, just like the colors seen on Easter eggs. Pastel colors such as pink, blue and purple are appearing everywhere as highlights or on sections of hair. Getting pastel colors in your hair requires it to be bleached completely white, so this is again best left up to the professionals. The color also is very quick to fade, so you will most likely need touch ups every week. A less-scary and no fuss way to enjoy this trend: clip-in hair extensions!


Dip Dye
Dip dying your hair is very rebellious and creative, though likely not work friendly. Dip-dyed hair is achieved just as the name suggests: by dipping the ends of your hair into a dye that is a different color than the rest of your hair. It looks best when done with a light color and dark color, such as blonde and blue or brown and green. One positive about this look is it is simple to achieve and very difficult to make mistakes—in fact, a little haphazardness with this look only adds to its charm.

Hair Color Ideas Dip Dye

Although it can be fun to experiment with different hair colors, remember to give your hair plenty of TLC to avoid damage. One of the best ways to be creative and expressive is in your hair, and when done right it can bring a completely new feeling to your life.

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