Glue In Hair Extensions Explained

Glue in hair extensions
Glue in hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, styles, and materials. These extensions are used in several ways and by people of all walks of life. Women are not the only people who use extensions of this type in the modern day, either. Men are beginning to use them as well in a bid to stave off the appearance of balding or to create a truly unique look.

What Are Glue In Hair Extensions?

Glue hair extensions are a hair extending concept that utilizes both glue and strands of hair in a bid to lengthen or increase the volume of hair. These hair extensions are added directly to the root of the hair and last for several months with proper care and maintenance. In the event that the individual is thinning in the area of application the extensions may be glued directly to the scalp. These types of extensions may use either synthetic or natural human hair.

glue in hair extensions and strands

What Are These Extensions Used For?

These types of extensions are used to increase the volume of hair, add length, work with a different style, or provide easy highlights without the risk of damaging the individual’s actual hair. A professionally installed extension of this type cannot be easily spotted from the outside and will look simply fabulous.


How Much Do These Extensions Cost?

The cost for these types of extensions comes in three parts. These parts are the glue for hair extensions, the type of hair, and the cost of having the extensions put in. The cost of the hair is typically the most expensive part of adding the extensions. Real human hair typically ranges between $70 to $400. Synthetic hair will generally only cost $40 to $80. This type of extension can be added at home. If the extensions are added by a professional the cost for their services may vary greatly and possibly cost more than the price of the hair. The glue used is usually added in as part of the salon treatment, but purchasing it is not particularly expensive.


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